Who doesn’t love a good magic trick? But combine some great sleight of hand with a trip to the dentist? The result is...well...magical. Abra-ca-dabra! And just like that, going to the dentist is no longer scary for a little one.

It’s not unusual for young children to fear going to the dentist, but Dr. Eyal Simchi of Riverfront Pediatric Dentistry in New Jersey works hard every day to change that.

Dr. Simchi and his team regularly post endearing videos on Facebook of fun interactions with his young patients. So when he and his office manager, who is also his wife, Rachel, posted a video in late May and then returned to the office three days later, they were in for an astonishing surprise.

The adorable video had received millions of views (35 million and counting!), and the Riverfront Pediatric Dentistry office was getting calls and texts from people all over the world.

The viral video features Chase, a 2-year-old patient, during his first dental visit. In the clip, Dr. Simchi uses "magical" thumb lights in the video to mesmerize the toddler. Dr. Simchi said the responses have been "overwhelmingly positive."

It is important to note that written permission from parents or guardians is required before any video featuring a minor is shared on any social media platform.

The video, which originated on Facebook, was shared on Twitter and YouTube as well as local news channels and even NBC Nightly News.

Why all the buzz? It could be Dr. Simchi’s mad magic skills, but it’s more likely that it’s just so darn cute. Young Chase’s facial expressions are off the charts adorable, and adorable is a universal crowd pleaser. Never underestimate the power of cute.

But Dr. Simchi doesn’t want to be remembered as a social media expert; rather, he focuses his energies every day on being the best pediatric dentist around. It’s not uncommon to hear Dr. Simchi singing to a patient or see him making balloon animals out of medical gloves.

In his exam rooms, he keeps equipment hidden under cabinets, does not use overhead lighting and sits on a small stool so he can look at his young patients eye to eye.

Dental fear is a common problem in pediatric dentistry (and in adult dentistry, too!). Dr. Eyal Simchi is well on his way to turning that trend around. One smile at a time.