Since the beginning of coronavirus lockdowns in 2020, 62% of Americans have begun working from home. This has been a positive change in many ways, with the majority of employees preferring remote work and the majority of employers saying they plan to continue remote work indefinitely.

However, 49% of workers went remote for the first time and only 20% received any tips on cybersecurity from their employers. Pair that with the security risks already inherent with remote work and remote access, and we get cybercrime jumping by 300% just in early 2020. Not only that, but attacks targeting remote workers were up fivefold within the first 6 weeks of lockdown.

Cybersecurity is a critical issue that needs a fast resolution to keep businesses from losing data and money, among other things.

For a step better than even multi-factor authentication, passwordless security replaces passwords completely with cryptography and biometrics. Along with risk-based authentication and frictionless login with zero out-of-band messages, passwordless security is the safest solution for the remote access business world.

Infographic courtesy Beyond Identity