Traveling the country and staying in state and national parks allows us to spend more time with our hobbies and try new hobbies. With the great outdoors close by, we can get out and enjoy it. These hobbies can include:


Hiking is probably the best hobby you can experience when RVing. There are trails everywhere that take you to a gorgeous view or to just enjoy the walk.

All you need are comfortable shoes and a trail map from the park or from an app. Bring some water and snacks for longer hikes. If you are more hardcore, you can run or jog many trails.

Biking in the Everglades


I have a pet peeve that people seem to think you need special equipment and clothes for activities like hiking or biking.

You can buy mountain bikes, road bikes, and spandex outfits if you are really into the sport. I’m not so intense.

I just use an ordinary bike to ride both the roads and some of the easier mountain trails. Do it the way you enjoy!


Many RVers bring kayaks or canoes mounted on their RV or car. There are many water trails or open waters on rivers, lakes, and bays to explore.

We don’t carry equipment, but rent a canoe when we can. We’ve seen all types of birds and even dolphins while canoeing.

A cemetery in Texas containing a geocache


Geocaching is basically a high-tech version of hide-and-seek using GPS on your phone. There are special GPS navigators, but a smartphone works fine.

We learned how to geocache at a state park class. Download the "Geocaching" app or a similar app to start.

It is easy to learn and can be very challenging to find the caches. The best part is that it pushes us to take a hike, ride a bike, or take a short drive and discover locations we would never find on our own.

An anhinga in the Everglades


Traveling allows you to see both the winter and summer homes of various birds. You may need a good pair of binoculars along with a good guidebook.

Several apps are available for birding. Many parks have special birding hikes to help you identify local species.

We’re not birders, but we’ve enjoyed watching the birds as we travel.

The Mississippi River near Memphis


While you are traveling, keeping the memories is important and can be done with pictures. Smartphone cameras are getting better, or you can invest in a good camera with zoom.

Your pictures can be used as memory joggers, to share with family and friends, or as art on your wall when you get home.

Photography classes are available or read hints from articles online to improve your shots. You are seeing some great views so you want to document them!

There are many other activities you can try. Surfboarding, paddleboarding, and rock climbing are available in many state and national parks. Get out there and enjoy!