You've thrown your marketing power heavily at Facebook — and you're far from alone. The Sprout Social 2019 Index study reports that 89% of marketers do utilize the social media giant as a brand booster.

Yes, Facebook can get your brand massive exposure — as can Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest; yet, you may find your products and services getting lost in the vast sea of data flooding each of these platforms. Why not try advertising on niche social platforms?

Simply defined, a niche social platform links a community of users with specific interests in common — folks with the same hobbies, interests, or those in the same professional association, group or business.

A niche platform may have a relatively large amount of users, or it could have users that only number in the hundreds. That might not matter, though. What may make advertising for niche audiences worth your while is the fact that a unique or easily translatable appeal can quickly gain a fiercely loyal and highly enthusiastic fan base.

So, what niche networks might most benefit your business? Really, the sky's the limit — if you can ID your audience and what they’re potentially interested in terms of products and services, there will likely be a social network of like-minded folks you can use paid advertising to reach. Some niche platforms that are known to be of particular interest to marketers include:

  • Kaboodle. For people who love to shop and connect to share information about it.
  • Quora. A Q & A platform that covers every topic you can possibly think of.
  • Goodreads. A book discussion platform.
  • Third Age. A platform that connects baby boomers and senior citizens.
  • Meetup. A site that facilitates users meeting each other socially in real life.
  • Nextdoor. A platform that connects neighbors who may not otherwise know each other.
  • Crafters Community. A site for those who make and create their own goods.

Aiming your message at the right niche platform means the right people will be talking about your brand, reviewing your products, and spreading the word to their friends and family.

So how do you put together a super-successful niche-targeted campaign? Employ these easy and effective strategies:

Think narrow yet be expansive.

If you see a niche social media that is a perfect fit for your product, that's fantastic. An example might be a site dedicated to living a green lifestyle while you've got eco-friendly laundry detergent to sell.

It can also pay off, though, to spread your and dollars to niche sites that focus on wider potential prospects like a Q&A site. Seek to cater to a ready-made audience, but don't limit your options.

Take a stand on a topic that matters to your niche audience.

Advertising on a site that boasts users with particular political views means that your brand should be OK being identified as having a simpatico viewpoint. Don't be afraid to stress this in your advertising if it feels appropriate to do so: 70% of consumers surveyed in the Sprout Social Index study want a brand to do just that.

Be authentic, however.

Don't simply mouth what you think your potential niche audience wants to hear. 53% of consumers in the Sprout Social Index study want brands to be transparent as well. If you're playing a role to garner sales, it will backfire.

Offer immediacy.

Step up your efforts to directly answer niche consumer questions about your product and do it swiftly. Niche consumers often like to get into the weeds in terms of what interesting products do in terms of mechanics and they want to know in detail how a specific product will benefit their lives.

Take this into account when writing copy and putting together video and keep your marketing approach as interactive as possible to address concerns and questions in real time.

Don't underestimate demand.

Even though you are targeting a smaller demographic, if your message hits with niche consumers, they will buy immediately. If they like what you've got, they'll buy often.

Make certain you can deliver with sufficient product stock and that you monitor your niche customers' feedback carefully so you can continue to give them what they want and need. Earn their trust through great service, and you've won over an extremely loyal clientele!