You want your business to be on the front page of the newspaper and on the tip of everyone's tongue. While this goal seems lofty, an easy way to accomplish it is by newsjacking.

Newsjacking is when your brand tracks the top news stories — either locally or nationally and injects your company into the topic. If you've ever tweeted or written a Facebook post about a news story, then you've already taken advantage of this tactic.

The key to newsjacking is to add your company's twist to the story. You don't simply want to share a piece of news. Your goal is to reinvigorate it.

Below are the top three questions your brand needs to ask every time before newsjacking.

1. Is this our sphere?

Of course, your brand can't reinvent every breaking news story. There wouldn't be enough time in the day, but more importantly, it wouldn't have the impact you want.

In order for newsjacking to be truly successful, your brand needs to be connected to the story.

Is it in your industry? Does it relate to your brand's mission? How does this news overlap with who you are, how you function, and what you strive to do?

2. How quickly can we create content?

Once news breaks, your team has to be moving quickly to beat the story before it peaks. If you wait too long, the competition for content will already be too high. Social media and the ability to instantly publish a blog cause news to spread and peak quicker than ever.

To make the most of newsjacking, you want to have your version of the story told before anyone else. Plus, by beating the masses, you'll be seen as an industry leader.

Even better, your story could dominate the SEO term. Before writing, swiftly research a few variations of the topic's search terms and their corresponding traffic. Then, hone in on one keyword or phrase with the least competition.

Make that the focus of your Web, blog and social copy. Be cohesive, use the term repeatedly, and you could be the first result on Google.

3. Do we have something new to add?

Don't always act upon the temptation to capitalize on a viral story.

Your brand has to offer a new perspective or add a unique twist. Otherwise, you'll blend into the noise surrounding the news. Plus, no one wants to see the same news story without any new information posted over and over again. Remember "the dress" from last week?

The addition doesn't have to be something that cracks the story wide open. Instead, it could simply be a cheeky photo, a unique and witty tweet or an blog post that highlights the similarities between the story and your company.

Get creative and remember act fast to gain the most momentum!