57% of Americans did not take a vacation that lasted longer than four nights in 2018.

72% of millennials took at least one micro-cation in 2018.

Allianz Global Assistance recently released its 2019 Vacation Confidence Index, which states that micro-cations are the newest travel trend for millennials. This generation seems to have veered away from long, leisurely vacations and is instead looking to take shorter breaks even though they love to travel.

Quite often, work-related stress, expenses and even clashing schedules for working couples all pile up to make vacation planning an overwhelming task. This is not just the case for millennials. 69% of Gen Xers also opted for micro-cations in 2018 as did 60% of baby boomers. Short trips are easy to plan and cost much less.

Vacations have become more expensive than ever, and about 39 million Americans are opting out of weeklong summer vacations this year because they can’t afford it. These short getaways offer a practical solution — take a break without breaking the bank. One can use up paid time off and pair them with weekends to visit multiple places instead of one long vacation. Those with higher income can vacation longer but aren’t necessarily doing so due to time constraints.

The survey also found that 29% of millennials took at least three micro-cations in during a year and about 21% said that their most extended trips lasted no more than four nights at a time.

It is natural for younger workers to move towards nontraditional solutions like micro-cations. A lot of survey participants said that they take micro-cations for visiting friends or attending special events like weddings.

Interestingly, micro-cations are also creating a boost to international travel as well. Travel agents say that they are receiving a lot of inquiries for short international vacations but are asking travelers to do their homework before they book. Choosing a location with a variety of activities is, of course, important, but one should consider travel time, too.

Micro-cations work better with relatively closer destinations so people don’t lose a lot of time traveling and can maximize their time in a destination. Domestic destinations in this regard have plenty to see and enjoy with many options to explore, dine, and shop.

Business travel has become an excellent micro-cation opportunity for the whole family to enjoy. Since employers are already bearing some of the costs, families only have to spend for the rest and save lots of money for a fun mini-vacation.

The Allianz survey revealed that about 28% of Americans did not take any leisure trips in recent months, which is a cause for concern. As we hear about more burnouts and stress, travel and breaks away from the mundane have become even more critical than ever. The rise of micro-cations will be a boon in this regard, allowing Americans to travel more.