DALLAS — Matthew Pollard, the "Rapid Growth Guy," shared his blueprint for growth and success as the general keynote speaker Aug. 9 at the 18th annual Sunbelt Builders Show™, hosted by the Texas Association of Builders at the Hilton Anatole.

Pollard, the founder and CEO of Rapid Growth, LLC, is dedicated to achieving maximum ROI for business of all sizes. He is also a consultant, speaker, mentor, coach and the author of "The Introvert’s Edge."

Pollard has helped thousands of businesses in his career. (Photo: Jason Anderson)

But his passion is helping small business owners. His methods have transformed more than 3,500 businesses.

Learning on the fly as a door-to-door telecommunications salesman in Melbourne, Australia, Pollard quickly discovered that sales must be a system — a series of steps that is workable.

By studying YouTube videos on various sales techniques and testing them in the field, he developed his own system. By following his system, he believes anyone can build a plan for success in three steps.

A differentiated and unified message

"These days people are looking for a message that they identify with. And for that, they’ll pay a premium." Pollard challenged the members of the audience to find theirs. "What are the unique benefits that you provide outside the scope of your functional skill?"

Find well-articulated stories that highlight the benefits of your organization while helping people understand that you are the only logical choice. By learning how to articulate the value you provide, your business can make a huge difference.

Craft your own unified message that excites and inspires prospective clients to want to learn more.

Pollard believes you need to ditch the demographics that aren’t working for your business if you want rapid growth. (Photo: Jason Anderson)

Niche marketing

Everyone is not your customer.

"This is the key to rapid growth," Pollard said. In the building trade, businesses try to collect as many building contracts as they can.

But, according to Pollard, 80 percent of their stress and problems come from the demographics they shouldn’t have been working. Instead, identify the unmet need in your market and find out how you can you use your unique skills to meet those needs.

A lot of people believe there is nothing that separates them from the competition. But everyone has unique skills, unique experiences, unique backgrounds that perfectly qualify you to work in specific markets. Focus on the customers and deals that make sense for you.

A sales system that is structured to work

Sales is a system — a series of steps. Once you’ve got a structured process that’s working, you have to treat it like a science experience.

You can change one thing at a time and see if it creates a better or worse result. If you change multiple things at once, you don’t know what’s working and what isn’t.

In sales, the difference between success and failure can be one simple thing you’re not seeing. That’s why it’s so important to learn your process.

Every single skill that we believe comes from natural ability is 100 percent learnable. As business owners, we need to be focusing on those skills. We all know that we’re great builders. But that is not what allows us to be competitive in the marketplace.