Desktop browser companies know mobile is affecting the way users browse, read and search. Now, they're taking action.

Firefox just announced the introduction of push notifications, called Web Push, to its desktop browsing. With this new feature, users can receive notifications from websites without having the page open. Firefox is following the likes of Mac Safari and Google Chrome. Both browsers already offer a variation of push notifications.

Browsing the Web on your desktop or laptop will soon feel much like engaging with an app on your phone.

Firefox's new push notifications allow brands another opportunity to connect with customers. With push notifications, users will have the latest updates pop up. No longer will customers have to scan their email inbox to find the most current information. Instead, the process will be seamless and straightforward.

Learn the details of Firefox's new push notifications, how to set them up and how to use them when marketing.

What are Firefox's new push notifications?

Just like Firefox's location feature, users will have to allow Web Push notifications from each website. So, users can opt out or opt into your notifications at any time.

The text-based notifications will also link your website, making it intuitive for users to learn more. From there, the Web Push notifications deliver timely messages to interested users right on their desktop.

Right now, you'll need to have a software developer set up Web Push functions. Developer FAQs for Web Push setup are here.

Also, before investing in the time and resources to set up Web Push on Firefox, see what proportion of your Web users use Firefox. You can access this data with Google Analytics. You may find the majority of your brand's users prefer Google Chrome. If so, look into creating push notifications there.

How to market with Firefox's push notifications

With Web Push notifications, you instantly have your users' attention. Full attention, even if only for a second, is a rare commodity in this digital age. Take advantage of getting your brand message in front of attentive consumers. Use Firefox's push notifications to amplify your brand's marketing with the below tips.

1. Emergency Updates. If your service or place of business is closed due a weather or personal emergency, send a push notification. This feature is especially helpful if customers have set appointments, reservations or standing orders.

2. Events. Restaurants can send push notifications to remind their patrons of upcoming reservations later in the day. Similarly, you can invite (or remind) your customers of an upcoming event your business is holding.

3. Sales. Have fun with it! Sales and push notifications go hand in hand. You can use push notifications to announce flash sales. Or send a push notification to announce a price drop or an item a user has liked, saved or previously added to the shopping cart. Finally, you can announce big, semi-annual sales with push notifications. Don't send these for every sale, though. Too much communication via push notifications will inspire users to turn them off.