If you use Instagram for marketing, the feature you've been waiting for has finally arrived. Just a few days ago, Instagram announced you can now add multiple accounts, allowing you to switch between accounts without having to log in and out constantly.

Read on to learn how to add and switch between multiple Instagram accounts. Plus, discover ways to use Instagram's new account switching to market your business better.

How to set up Instagram account switching

You can now add up to five Instagram accounts to your profile. Here's how to activate Instagram account switching.

  1. Update your Instagram app in the Apple or Play store.
  2. Go to your profile, and tap the icon with the gear or three dots. Scroll down and select "Add Account."
  3. Enter the username and password for each account you'd like to add.
  4. Each time you want to switch between your accounts, return to your profile, tap your username at the top of the screen and select the desired account.
  5. Once you've added multiple Instagram accounts, you can get push notifications for any account. Just make sure each individual account has the push notifications enabled.

Improve Instagram marketing using account switching

1. Separate business and personal Instagram accounts.

Should your company and personal Instagram accounts be separate? Well, it depends. For most brands, you should have a separate, distinct Instagram account. You want followers to connect with your brand's personality and voice — since the individuals behind the scenes may change.

Posting photos that show daily life at your business is still good practice. Just be sure you're maintaining your brand's tone and professionalism.

However, if you're a small business owner who is the face of your company, it's in your best interest to have only one account. Since you're the one who does the majority of the work behind your brand, you want to highlight that unique feature. Followers likely support your business because they love your product and you. Here, feel free to showcase your personal experience, in your own voice.

2. Respond quicker by getting multiple accounts' push notifications.

With Instagram's new account switcher, you get push notifications for multiple accounts simultaneously. No longer will you have worry you're missing business notifications when you're logged into your personal account.

With this feature, it's easier than ever to respond quickly to Instagram comments. Remember, the quicker you respond to customer questions or comments on Instagram, the more impressed your followers will be. 71 percent of consumers who experience a quick, effective brand response on social media are likely to recommend your brand to others, according to NM Incite.

3. Post complementary content on separate accounts.

If you do have a separate account for your business and your business's founder or brand face, create complementary content on both accounts.

For example, you can share a photo of your business's founder embodying your brand's persona. Then, comment that there are more exclusive photos on their personal account. When followers travel there, they get to see more behind-the-scenes photos and get to connect with the mover and shaker behind the brand.

This allows you to grow both pages symbiotically while getting to show your brand's serious and personal side. It's a win-win.