While autonomous cars are not yet flooding the marketplace, your car is still doing a number of things without you realizing it. In the guise of providing you with improved services like GPS and voice texting, your car is also collecting data on you that can be used by whomever car manufacturers feel should be privy to the information.

Automakers have very few specific guidelines when it comes to the data they collect on your driving habits. While much of it is ostensibly used to assess safety and driving innovation, there are parts of your driving experiences that can be used for other purposes.

The Zebra has put together an infographic that outlines a number of ways your car is collecting data and what the purposes of it might be. Logically, you can imagine that your car may track your driving habits, including a propensity to speed or any erratic behavior behind the wheel. But other data points that your car accesses may be less obvious, such as your weight, where you work, and where you like to buy your coffee.

The infographic below takes a comprehensive look into all the information your car knows about you and how you might better protect yourself from that data working against you.