Online scams and data breaches are at an all-time high as hackers learn new security software and coding for various products. Cybersecurity spending is set to hit $133.7 billion by 2022, leaving some companies worried about allocating their budgets.

Companies are not prioritizing cybersecurity as a "checkbox item," which is leading to the headaches of security breaches and personal data being stolen. A company’s overall security posture can improve if everyone is on the same page about budget allocations and how they impact the business.

Varonis has put together a guide on the future of cybersecurity budgeting, including facts on how much spending will be put towards cybersecurity. They also provide recommendations to make sure your company stays secure in years to come, such as identifying your strengths and weaknesses in your current cybersecurity strategy.

Avoid the larger costs of having your data stolen by taking precautions in security. One large investment can go a long way.

Image: Varonis