Healthcare payments can be a big headache for clinics and patients alike. In fact, 25% of unnecessary spending in healthcare goes toward payment processing, totaling $190 billion every year.

Where does the wasted money go? Minor mistakes in data entry can cause insurance claims to be denied. Correcting and resubmitting claims can cost clinics up to $37,000 on average. Time spent correcting insurance claims distracts from services that really matter.

Two-thirds of Americans worry about being able to afford healthcare costs. Many want to know

exactly what services will cost ahead of time. But only half of providers’ estimates turn out to be accurate.

Patients and clinics alike are unsure of what insurance will cover. As high-deductible health plans grow more popular, uncertainty about out-of-pocket costs is on the rise. This uncertainty can lead patients to ignore bills or even avoid treatment altogether.

Learn how technology is streamlining healthcare payments using contactless check-in with this infographic:

Infographic courtesy PracticeSquire