Summer break is a great time to relax. But you can also use this time to think about your classroom for next year! I have found so many great ideas for organization at Ikea, so in today’s article, I’m sharing some of my favorite finds.

I’ll start with these baskets and metal tubs. They would be great for lots of different items: scarves for movement, tennis balls for practicing meter, rhythm sticks, wood blocks, and so much else!

I have two of these tables in my room, and they work really well. They’re very cheap, easy for kids to sit at and work, and/or good for placing items like pencils, worksheets, etc. (Link to buy:

These carts are great for storing instruments and mallets; I have one in my classroom for storing non-pitched percussion. (Link to buy:

This container would also be great for storing instruments. (Link to buy:

I was considering buying a few of these stools, since I use flexible seating. However, they have a weight limit of 77 pounds, so I think they'd work better in a K-2 classroom. These would work well for putting glockenspiels on, though, so kids don't have to play them on the ground. (Link to buy:

These unique rugs would be great simply to add some color to your classroom! You could also use them as a visual for matching pitch. For example, the purple circle could be in tune, and the blue circle could be flat or sharp. (Link to buy:

These containers could be great for storing recorders. (Link to buy:

These rolls of washi tape could work well for labeling drawers, mallets, and more. (Link to buy:

These paper balls would be a great way to add a little pizzazz to your classroom.

This is a picture from inside my classroom of my cardboard magazine racks for different concepts. I really have loved having everything sorted so clearly.

You could also use these racks, which are a bit more expensive, but more pleasing to the eye.

Or, these white metal racks. (Link to buy:

These cute tail hooks could work for any number of things: holding schedule cards, holding a sign for your classroom...really anything that you use 3M hooks for!

These fake plants are pretty (and of course don't take time to water).

While I was there, I bought these stools for my flexible seating area. (Link to buy:

I also bought this wall decal to go with my travel-themed classroom. (Link to buy:

Hopefully, you have an Ikea nearby and can check out some of these finds for your classroom. Happy shopping, and enjoy your summer!