Recently, I took a class about different web apps to use in the classroom. During that class, I discovered Quizizz, and was immediately excited about the possibilities.

In this article, I'll write about how to use Quizizz, how to create a Quizizz, and how to find quizzes I've made on the platform.

What is Quizizz?

Quizizz is a website that allows students to take quizzes. It is similar to Kahoot, but you can give the quiz as homework, instead of having all students take it live.

Additionally, the quiz doesn't have to be timed, and students can move onto the next question at their own pace instead of having to wait for all students to answer. Even better...students see a funny meme after they answer each question!

How do students take Quizizz?

I had students use iPads to take the quiz, but they can also use Chromebooks or smartphones. If you have limited technology in your room, you could have the students work in small groups and use as a formative assessment, or you could have them work in centers.

My fifth-graders were studying theme and variations, so I had two groups creating a variation with instruments. One group responded in writing to a theme and variations recording in writing, and the other group played the theme and variations Quizizz on iPads.

Since I only have eight iPads, this worked perfectly. I've also created band quizzes and have given them out as homework over Schoology.

How do you see the results?

Simply click on "reports," and you can see how accurate each student was, and how many points they had (which is partly based on their speed, if you had timed questions). You can also email the quiz results to parents, which is a pretty neat feature!

It was really interesting for me to see the results for my theme and variations quiz...because the kids didn't do nearly as well as I thought they would! It can give you some great data about what students need review with, what they understand well, etc.

How do you find music quizzes?

Click "find a quiz" on the left, then type into the search bar. I recommend being more specific than "music," because the quizzes I found with that search had everything from naming pop songs to naming notes on the treble clef staff.

I have created one for theme and variations, one for musical symbols, and several for different band instruments. To find my band Quizizz, go to, and to find my elementary music Quizizz, go to

How do you create music quizzes?

You can create a quiz by clicking "create a quiz." Enter your quiz name and image, then add questions. You can also find a quiz, duplicate it, and edit the questions however you want.

A quiz on Quizizz can be used as a formative assessment, to evaluate how well students understand a given concept, or as a summative assessment, after students have had ample time with a concept. You could also have students retake the quiz throughout the year to see how their grasp of the material improves.

I hope this has been helpful! My students have loved using Quizizz...I hope yours do too! Happy creating, and happy teaching!