When it comes to your brand's ranking in a Google search, you're most likely focusing your efforts on getting the top ranking in search results. In reality, gaining "featured snippet" status can be much more beneficial to your marketing efforts.

So, what's a featured snippet? It's the "answer box" that is located at the very top of a Google page and directly answers a question posed in Google searches. A featured snippet tops all the results for a query and contains a paragraph from a website answering a question, the URL of the answer site, and a link back to that source.

Moz suggested you think of the featured snippet as "Position 0" in a Google search — far preferable to the No. 1 spot. That spot will create colossal exposure for your brand. While Google does determine which sites are chosen to be featured snippets, there are ways you can greatly improve the likelihood of becoming one. The basics of these strategies include:

Running a keyword audit.

Hubspot reports that doing so can increase your click-through rate significantly once you've positioned yourself for featured snippet potential.

Analyze how much of your search traffic encompasses questions, then answer these questions in the content sections of your site. Don't forget to crunch questions you've received via social media platforms, too, to get a big picture of what consumers want to know.

Setting up content portions that answer who, what, when, where, why and how.

If you pose questions leading off with these keywords on your site and then answer these questions in the body of your content, you increase your chances for featured snippet status. Moz additionally reports that about 23% of all search result pages include a featured snippet.

Use this strategy especially in reference to financial content on your site.

According to research from Get Stat, financial question-and-answer content has the best shot turning into a featured snippet. You can answer in-depth questions regarding pricing, payment options or financial services to really boost your odds.

Using display tables whenever possible.

Graphics that assist in explaining questions on your site can also be included in a featured snippet, as can photos and graphics. Use them liberally, and keep in mind that the visuals you choose will be the first thing your audience would see in a snippet, so make them high quality.

Not losing sight of your overall Google traffic.

You need to make sure your company is a first-page search result to be able to achieve featured snippet status. Step up all other areas of your social and digital marketing strategies in order to make this happen.

With hard work, clear information, and careful, continued effort, featured snippet status could truly be the icing on your marketing cake!