Maintaining the level of talent in an organization is a continuous battle. How do you keep and attract the right kind of talent?

Surrounding yourself with talented employees takes commitment, understanding and time. No organization can grow without stepping up and being aware of what potential is available. You can start by looking around and seeing what is already right in front of you.

Here are some tips that will help.


Do you have a plan in place for how to keep and attract the right kind of talent? Having knowledge of who is in your organization is a great starting point.

Do your managers know who are their current stars and who is up and coming? The director should get with each department head and get an idea of who are the organization's rising stars. This information will go a long way in keeping talent.


Keeping the lines of communication open is the best way to know who will be a good future leader for the organization. Talk to others within the organization and see who they recommend for further development.

When it is time to hire new blood, having a good rapport with the HR department will make this easier. They can design the right job announcement that will attract quality candidates from both inside and outside the organization.


People are an organization's greatest asset. All the leaders within the organization should make a concerted effort to see who their best talent is.

Mentoring is an excellent way to keep current employees at the organization. Giving them opportunities and listening to the employees' aspirations helps keep them from going elsewhere.


John Maxwell, a leadership expert states, "Trust is the foundation of leadership."

Talent does not grow on trees. Building a foundation of trust through character and commitment will help the organization keep its best talent. And keeping the best relies on leaders to develop the trust they believe in their people. When the people in an organization believe in each other, and leadership has right attitude and commitment, this helps all to shine.


Who in your organization has the greatest potential? The people in an organization are the true gems, and all the leadership has to do is to be aware of what they have.

Give all employees every opportunity to grow and shine. Each has various attributes that will help them and the organization continue in a positive manner. As Maxwell indicates, "Growth does not happen." Growth has to be developed in each individual.

Everyone has great potential. Both the leader and individual need to recognize this and take the necessary steps toward that growth commitment.