According to research from Cisco, 82% of all IP traffic will be video content by 2022. Animoto also reports that video is the No. 1 type of content consumers want from brands. Video is where it's at for digital and social marketers. So, why not use it to its full potential to sell your brand?

The great news is that all-video sites are still rare from a marketing standpoint. Therefore, if you focus your energy on making one that's lively, exciting, and clear, you've got a huge jump on the competition!

Your best move is to create a separate all-video website in addition to your primary site, so you can link creatively back and forth. Then, watch new customers flood in and your profits soar! This article covers all the key elements you need to include in a terrific all-video website, including:

Stories from your customers and staff discussing how your brand has improved their lives.

Your ideal demographics undoubtedly love Instagram. They are most likely are invested in producing their own Instagram Stories on a regular basis.

You can encourage them to use their creativity by posting storied in which they talk about why they love your products and even show themselves using your products at home. Similarly, your staff can testify in stories as to why your brand is the best, show themselves in your company environment in a positive way, and talk about their favorite uses for your products.

Influencer posts to excite and inform your existing and potential buyers.

Create an "influencer zone" on your video site where your influencers can post daily content, interact with the consumers who like and follow them, and visually blog about new product features or brand changes you want your audience to get excited about.

Product demos.

These can include how-tos and interactive tips and tricks for your goods. Brainstorm every way you can demo with the most visual impact. If what you put together is clear, helpful, and watchable, you've struck pay dirt.

Video forums for customer chat and feedback.

Fans of your brand can discuss the minutiae of your products, or voice their issues and criticism, which is incredibly helpful. You can employ moderators on your forums to immediately interface with customers who have issues and work to transparently resolve them.

Live customer service interaction.

Your customers' questions and concerns can be dealt with in a real-time chat, which yields immediate and satisfactory solutions.


You can team up with other companies to educate consumers on new ways to use your products in conjunction with theirs. You can also do a deep dive into intriguing info about how your products are manufactured and produce video on virtually any related benefits to your demographic that your brand provides.

Interviews with your top brass.

Let your audience get to know the movers and shakers who make your brand the best that it can be.

Live streams of your brand's launches and special events.

Real-time, on-location coverage is a great way to build excitement.

Short promotional films, commercials and advertising data.

Your creative team can let their imaginations go wild planning short- and long-form video ad content. You can also store classic or beloved advertising on a special "blast from the past" corner of your site, so consumers can rewatch their favorite ads.

Wordstream reports that 92% of mobile viewers who like a video will share it, so the possibilities for exposure are endless if you construct your all-video site in an engaging, fun, and informative manner. For a top-notch all-video website, be limitless in your brainstorming, build a site with excellent technology, and address your customers' needs.