If you've often agonized over which picture-perfect moment to share on Instagram, your worries are over. You can now upload up to 10 photos or videos in a single Instagram post! Then, users swipe right to look through your entire collection.

Until recently, this was a reserved tool only for Instagram ad campaigns. But now, anyone can share multiple images at once without the price tag.

This new feature is perfect for capturing company events, providing multiple photos for a how-to or showcasing the many ways you can use a product. And that's just the beginning.

Here's how to take advantage of this new Instagram feature right now.

How to share multiple photos or videos in a single Instagram post

1. Update your Instagram app in either the App Store or Google Play. The new version, Instagram 10.9, enables this feature.

2. Tap the plus-sign icon to upload images, just like you normally would. Now, you'll see a big icon with multiple squares in the bottom right of your photo that says "Select Multiple." Go ahead, and tap that.

3. Scroll through your feed, and select up to 10 images or videos. The order in which you select the photos is the order they'll initially appear.

4. As you click to add each new photo, this is the time to crop. Right now, all your pictures must fit in a square — no portrait or landscape pics yet.

5. When you've chosen all the videos or images for your post, click "Next" in the upper right. At this point, you can reorder your images by clicking and dragging.

6. Ready to edit? If you select one filter, you'll apply it to all your pictures, and you're done. Or, you can customize each photo by tapping it. Then, you'll be in the regular Instagram editing section, where you can choose a unique filter and enhance each image. When one photo is ready, click "Done" in the upper right. Then, swipe right, and click on your next image to edit that one. When your photos are beautified, hit "Next."

7. Right now, you can only add a single caption and location for your entire gallery. But you can tag individuals in different photos. Tap "Tag People," tag people in the first image, and swipe right to tag different people in the next.

8. All done? Click "Share." Posts with multiple pictures and videos do take longer to upload.

9. How will your users know there are multiple photos on your post? Well, there's a series of blue dots to the right of the like, comment and share buttons. Each dot represents a unique picture, letting users know they can swipe right to see more.

Be sure to closely monitor your business insights on Instagram to see how these perform for your company. Often, the sooner you take advantage of new features like this, the larger impact it'll have. Content that looks new and different is much more likely to get and keep your users' attention.