When we think of Easter and follow-up, we tend to focus on those who visited on Easter Sunday. We want to contact them quickly and make sure they know we'd love to have them come back. However, another group we should follow up with is our volunteers.

You likely need more people to serve at Easter services than usual. After all, you're expecting full services and lots of first-time guests. You need more people helping guests find their way around the church, check in children, serve coffee and more.

Just like you have guests on Easter Sunday, you probably have new or infrequent volunteers that day as well. By connecting with them as they serve and following up with them afterward, you might be able to add to your regular volunteer team.

Here are a few tips on how to follow up with Easter volunteers:

Tip 1: Serve your volunteers

Yes, volunteers are there to serve. However, we have the ultimate example of servant leadership in our Savior. He washed the disciples' feet and gave His life for His creation. Let's follow His example by serving our volunteers.

What does that look like in practical terms?

  • Provide coffee and snacks in a volunteer meeting room
  • Take water to the parking lot team
  • Give clear directions to each volunteer, so they know what you expect
  • Say "thank you" a lot

Tip 2: Contact volunteers after Easter

It makes sense to follow up with visitors first. However, once that's done, it's time to connect with volunteers.

  • Send thank you notes to everyone who served
  • Talk with volunteers who served Easter Sunday but aren't on a regular volunteer team
  • Ask how they felt about volunteering on Easter and see if they're interested in serving more often
  • Consider asking volunteer leaders to help you make these calls instead of trying to do it all yourself

Tip 3: Integrate new volunteers quickly

Schedule volunteer training sessions in the weeks following Easter and invite those who are interested in serving on a regular team to attend.

It's best to get them started as soon as possible after they've expressed a desire to serve. Don't make people wait a few months to get involved. They may think you don't really need their help if you delay training them.

Our main focus on Easter Sunday is celebrating the resurrection of our Savior. We'll also have the privilege of welcoming guests and seeing people decide to follow Christ. As we rejoice in those moments, let's also make disciples by integrating new volunteers and helping them learn how to be the hands and feet of Christ.