When we think of volunteers, we mostly consider what roles we need them to serve over the weekend. While that's certainly the time we need them the most, there are ways volunteers can help out during the week.

Retirees, part-time workers, those in-between jobs and more may have time each week they'd like to use to serve their church. Here are several ways these work-week volunteers could help:

1. Data entry

You may have cards filled out by first-time guests that you need to enter into your church management system or spreadsheet. Volunteers with office experience and excellent typing skills could enter this information quickly so your church can easily begin the follow-up process.

2. Landscaping

Do you have a few folks who love gardening? Provide the mulch, gloves, hand trowels, flowers and other supplies, then turn them loose. Their efforts pulling weeds, trimming back overgrown plants and planting flowers will make the front of your church facility look even more inviting.

3. Bulletin preparation

If you hand out bulletins each week, you might benefit from having a team of volunteers come in on Thursday or Friday to fold and add inserts into each bulletin. Give them a nice space to work in, a few quick instructions and let them handle this task so you can focus on other service preparation efforts.

4. Sending special occasion cards

Does your church send out cards for birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions? If so, see if you have a few volunteers who'd be willing to come in 1-2 times a month and get those cards ready for mailing.

5. Organizing the food pantry

If you have a food pantry or clothing distribution center, consider inviting volunteers to help organize donations and distribute items. Provide them with guidelines and any supplies they need to organize those areas.

These are just a handful of ways people could serve during the work week. You may only have a few volunteers who can help out during the week. However, even a few volunteers can lighten your workload and free you up to handle more complex efforts.