Voice search is a popular way for consumers to seek out what they want to buy online. It's also crucial for you to understand on a granular level.

When you provide a great response to a customer's audible query, you are establishing a powerful and definitive relationship with that customer instantly. Make sure the impression your voice search approach makes is helpful, human, and convenient to understand and navigate. You may win over that consumer immediately.

Try these research-driven tips to hone your approach:

Be prepared for volume.

According to Google research back in 2016, 20% of all app searches are voice-based. That number is likely higher today.

That's a lot of demand you may have to meet, so you want to make sure your technology is sharp and up to the challenge. You also want to make sure your company has strong IT to handle glitches and crashes.

Be specific.

Voicebot estimates that 42.7% of all U.S. adults use voice search, so it's key that you quickly meet the detail in the questions they are asking.

It's crucial that your website has a meticulous, fact-packed FAQ page. It's also vital that your product descriptions are in-depth, and that you provide customer reviews that detail product experience as minutely as possible.

Go live.

Have live representatives available for chat assistance for long periods of time each day. Make sure they are personable, friendly, and have excellent conversational skills.

Also, if you use chatbots, make sure they have a natural sounding voice, as something too computerized can be off-putting and will make consumers worry your company won't relate to their needs in a welcoming way.

Speed up your delivery protocol.

Research from Juniper estimates that voice-based commerce will be an $80 billion business by 2023. You want to make sure you are getting your products out as swiftly as possible, because the overall impression you want to create, from voice search to that package landing on your customer's doorstep, is that purchasing from you is the easiest thing they'll do all day.

Track searches scrupulously.

Logging and identifying the phrases and words used in customer searches are the best way to gauge popularity of your products to see what is selling and what isn't. Reboot your stock or refocus your ad campaign when it makes sense to do so — your sales will soar, and your customers will be loyal!