Facebook is for connecting with family and friends, while Instagram is for finding beauty and inspiration. That's why on Instagram the top types of accounts people engage with are close friends and family, celebrities, brands, acquaintances and humor accounts, according to a 2016 Facebook IQ survey.

People come to Instagram to find their new dream car, vacation locale or home décor project.

But, how does this vary by industry? Learn more about how users with different interests engage with Instagram — and what that means for your business.

An industry breakdown of how people use Instagram

Note: All data is from Facebook's newest podcast series, where survey findings are discussed.

Auto enthusiasts on Instagram:

  • Most car enthusiasts on Instagram are male, 70 percent are millennials, and the median age is 27.
  • 83 percent watch a video about cars at least once a week on Instagram.
  • 53 percent want to connect with others who are also passionate about automobiles.
  • 52 percent watch videos to evaluate vehicle performance.
  • The most popular hashtags are #carporn, #supercar, #auto, #instacar and #sportscar.
  • When looking to buy a car, this group does follow dealerships in search of specific models. They like asking questions on Instagram and getting a quick response.

Takeaways on how to improve your Instagram marketing: Create beautiful images with the above hashtags to grab the attention of these users. Then, post videos of fast cars to pique their interest. Also, engage with the Instagram auto community by liking and commenting on other members' posts in the community. Be sure to answer questions quickly, too! Then, when ready, these members may buy your car brand or a car from your dealership.

Beauty followers on Instagram:

  • There are more than 13 million Instagram users for whom beauty is a top interest.
  • 76 percent of those interested in beauty are female, and the median age is 27.
  • 60 percent of beauty buffs prefer finding new trends on Instagram, instead of magazines.
  • The most popular hashtags are #nailart, #skincare, #lashes, #makeuptutorial, #lipart and #beautytrends.
  • For these users, the biggest influence for making a new purchase is beauty experts on social media (52 percent), followed by in-store associates (46 percent), beauty blogs and websites (45 percent) and beauty brands on social media (44 percent).

Takeaways on how to improve your Instagram marketing: Inspiration is a top driver here. Your posts should highlight trends, makeup tutorials and the power your product has to transform. Working with fashion brands and bloggers can also significantly impact this crowd.

Sports Lovers on Instagram:

  • This industry is split evenly between female and male, while users' median age is 27.
  • People want to connect with their favorite athletes and teams.
  • The top hashtags are #fitness, #gym, #workout, #running, #fitfam and #yoga.
  • 94 percent of sports fans enjoy seeing behind the scenes and learning more about the personal lives and stories of players.

Takeaways to better market sports on Instagram: These fans use Instagram more before and after events, so amp up your marketing efforts then. Also, while many outlets can offer updates, scores and stats on these sports, Instagram is the perfect place for people to connect with their favorite athletes. Share raw, genuine content that lets their personalities shine. Also, mix in tutorials on how your followers can stay active and fit. Sharing athletes' favorite workout routines would be a homerun.