One of the fundamental issues a leader must face is hiring the right people for the organization. This sometimes can seem like an insurmountable task. So how do leaders select the best talent? Here are five key components to building an effective team.

1. Know your organizational culture

Knowing your organizational culture gives great insight into hiring the right people. It is important to understand how your organization interfaces within various departments. Look inside to see what each department really needs in regard to hiring the right talent for that area. What are the core values that are most important? Developing a list of these core values will help in refining hiring goals in an organization.

2. Look beyond the job description

The job description is important in describing the core elements needed by the candidate. But the hiring manager should also look beyond those elements and examine a person's work and communication style. Will the candidate be able to adapt as the organization changes and grows? Is the candidate a good prospect for growth and promotion down the road?

3. Make sure the candidate is the right fit

The job seeker's resume may look fantastic, and at the time of the interview, she may talk a good game. But does she have the right people skills in order to work in a team environment? Is the candidate's style to alienate others or will she be able to work with others? Can she be counted on when a crisis occurs, or is overtime is required? These should be areas that a hiring manager can ask the prospect candidate.

4. Evaluate your current employees

What people do you already have internally that may fit the bill? A leader looks at growing members of his team. They could be missing an awesome opportunity to promote from within. An internal prospect has knowledge of the culture of the organization and has already proven himself. This may be the right time let him shine if given this opportunity.

5. Attitude counts

It maybe difficult at an interview to determine if a prospect has the right attitude. Asking the right questions at the interview may be the best gauge to ensure that candidate has the right attitude to do what the job requires.

Finally, it is the leader's responsibility in doing the front-end work necessary in hiring the best person. After all, a great resume is only words on paper.

Ask the right questions. Evaluate those already is in the organization. Do a real assessment of how that candidate will work within the organization. These steps will go a long way in getting the right talent hired.