If you are following hospitality news, then you might have noticed a growing trend of high-quality hotel restaurants across the board. While they are not exactly a new concept, the nature and importance of hotel restaurants have evolved.

Often, a news story about a new or renovated hotel now focuses on restaurants rather than other features. This has been a trend in many regions of the country.

For example, a newly opened boutique hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona, boasted three specialty restaurants with a teaser for a fourth one around the corner. Similarly, Fairmont Austin, Austin, Texas’ latest downtown hotel, announced five restaurants with when it opened recently.

Earlier in February, Omni Hotels made a splash with its new downtown Louisville, Kentucky, opening. With its five state-of-the-art restaurants, it is all set to redefine the future of comprehensive hotel dining.

The Omni’s announcement is quite interesting. They are offering local essence and bringing in two Dallas-based specialty dining brands into the mix, as new age establishments are trying to blend luxury dining with local flavors.

The idea is to offer guests many dining options without stepping foot outside. At the same time, they are working hard to entice the local populace to patronize their dining rooms.

Competing with Omni in Louisville will be Marriott’s newly remodeled downtown restaurant, The Porch Kitchen & Bar. It is designed as a cozy nook for diners where they can get a taste of a home-cooked meal with a flair to it.

If you are wondering why there is so much buzz about hotel restaurants, then you only must visit some of the top names to get an idea.

As The Wall Street Journal recently reported, some of the “buzziest” eateries are not fancy standalone restaurants but hotel restaurants. Some of the trendiest names in this category are NoMad’s Mezzanine in Los Angeles, MADE Hotel’s Ferris in New York, Proper Hotel’s Villon in San Francisco, and LINE Hotel’s A Rake’s Progress in Washington, D.C. Also among the list are Leuca and Du’s Donuts at William Vale Hotel in Brooklyn.

New York’s Le Coucou, nestled within the walls of 11 Howard Hotel, is a definite trendsetter. It has acquired the coveted position of being one of New York’s toughest dining reservations.

The buzz is not without cause. Hotel restaurants have evolved from being a necessary adjunct to a destination spot. Meals are no longer vapid and sad-looking.

Instead, they have top-notch chefs offering exclusive culinary experience, matching the stylish new décor and ambiance at these properties. At a time when businesses are looking at cutting frills, and we have the inns and Airbnb’s ruling the markets, this development may seem out of the ordinary.

This is a sign of the times to come. Discerning guests who want the hotel experience are going to choose their rooms based on the luxury level as well as the gastronomic experience offered.