Remember way back when Instagram announced it was testing shoppable posts? Then, Instagram selected 20 big businesses — like Kate Spade, Lulus and Warby Parker to try the feature.

Now that the feature's perfected, it's your turn! When users click your picture, they'll see your tagged products, a short description and a cost. If users want to purchase it, they just tap to buy the product within the Instagram app. In case you were wondering, Instagram won't take a cut of your purchases either.

Eligible and approved U.S. businesses can officially start tagging products in their Instagram posts. So, there is a chance you may not have this feature yet.

Again, this is huge. Up until now, there has been no intuitive way for followers to shop posts. With this new feature, you may never have to type "Click the link in profile to shop now." Hallelujah!

Ready to start? There's a four-step check you need to pass to tag products. See what they are, if you pass and how to use the new feature below.

Can your business sell products on Instagram?

1. Do you have the latest version of Instagram's app? If not, click here for iOS and here for Android.

2. Is your Instagram page set up as a business page? If not, tap the gear on your profile page and select "Switch to Business Profile."

3. Do you sell physical goods? You need to in order to use this feature.

4. Do you have a shop or product catalog on Facebook's business manager? If not, click here to create a shop or here to start a product catalog. Or shortcut: Do you use Shopify or BigCommerce? Then, you're good to go.

Is your audience ready to shop?

Even before this feature, 72 percent of participants in a recent Retail Dive study said they made fashion, beauty or style purchases after seeing a product on Instagram. In fact, 51 percent of those people said Instagram was the social media platform that most influenced their purchases, followed by Facebook (23 percent) and Pinterest (22 percent).

Lulus, a company that tested Instagram's shoppable posts, found that 33 percent of the people who clicked on a post to learn more about a product ended up visiting their site to shop. Those are numbers working in your favor.

How to create your first shoppable Instagram post

1. Go to your profile, tap the gear, and click "Products." You can select which product catalog to integrate into Instagram.

2. Upload a photo that highlights one of your products. Get it ready to go live by making edits and adding a caption.

3. On the share screen, tap "Tag Products." In your photo, select the item you want to link and type in the product name.

4. You can tag up to five products in a single photo upload or 20 products if you're uploading multiple images.

5. Post and share. That's honestly it. It's a simple process that can make a huge world of difference for your brand.

6. Track the metrics. You'll see all the usual analytics on product posts. But you can also see how many people opened your product and how many outbound clicks your post generated. Cha-ching!

7. Right now, you can only tag products in organic posts not ads. But if we had to guess, that will change before the 2017 holiday season begins.