Even in a very polarized political climate, there is at least one thing most Americans can easily agree on. Health insurance is frustrating. And often confusing.

Some experts have gone so far as to assert that the United States has the most complex healthcare system in the world. I don’t think that’s a compliment.

So, frustrating though it may be, it makes sense that changes within the healthcare industry are slow to come to fruition. Many unrelated factors are involved in creating and implementing change in healthcare.

Complex and slow-moving policies are a big issue, but environmental and technological factors also contribute to changes. Trends in illness, demographics of providers and advances in technology also help cause shifts in the overall healthcare system. As we evolve as a nation, our healthcare requirements naturally evolve alongside us.

Whether you’re a provider or a benefit recipient, navigating health insurance, with all its complexities and constant changes, is a challenge. The American Dental Association is taking a proactive position in helping its members understand key areas; namely benefits.

Dental professionals with questions related to dental benefits and coordination of benefits (COB) can register for an upcoming no-cost webinar hosted by the ADA.

"Coordination of Benefits: The ABCs of COB" aims to help dental professionals and dental practice administrators better understand benefits rules, why plans must coordinate benefits and how dental offices can properly submit claims requiring coordination of benefits.

The webinar will include presentations from a dentist who will communicate concerns of dental offices across the nation that have had issues with coordinating benefits. Participants will also hear from the quality and compliance manager for Guardian Life Insurance Co. of America, who will explain how coordination is handled.

Participants will also receive one hour of CERP (continuing education) credit for listening in.

For more information about the webinar, which is scheduled for noon to 1 p.m. central time on Tuesday, May 22, or to register for "Coordination of Benefits: The ABCs of COB," click here. For more information from the ADA about dental benefits, go to ADA.org/dentalbenefits