If you feel like your Facebook posts haven’t been reaching as many eyes as they used to, well, you’re right. A new study confirmed what many businesses suspected.

After analyzing over 3,000 Facebook pages, researchers found the organic reach of posts dropped 42 percent. As such, brands are having an increasingly difficult time connecting with their customers on Facebook. Many are starting to depend on promoted posts or social ads to amplify their message.

Unfortunately, this was a change we’ve seen coming for a while. An increased reliance on social advertising was forecasted as one of the biggest social media trends of 2016.

Thus far, the prediction has come true. Since January, the reach per post for brands has been steadily falling. Posts in January of 2016 reached on average 117,000. Fast forward to May, and the average reach per post dropped to 68,000.

Looking at the trends outlined in this recent data, it’s likely the organic reach of your Facebook posts will continue to fall. That’s why your brand must take action now.

Here’s how to increase the organic reach of your Facebook posts.

Post during non-peak times

While this initially sounds counterintuitive, it works. By posting during less popular hours, you increase the chances of getting your content seen. Why? There’s less competition.

Generally, non-peak hours on Facebook are from 6 p.m. until 8 a.m. To really make this tactic work, find the sweet spot. See when your audience is most active during that window of trick, and post then.

Create authentic, unique content

To make your content stand out on Facebook, it needs to be unique – and wholly on brand.

So what does that mean exactly? Share behind-the-scenes photos and spotlight members of your team. Whether you’re a big or small company, people crave your face, story and voice. That’s what your followers want more than anything – to connect with your brand and all the people who make it happen.

This practice humanizes your brand while instantly generating authentic content. Plus, it’s 100 percent unlike anything your competition has.

Target who will see each post

Did you know you can target who sees your organic posts? Yes, Facebook’s targeting features aren’t just for ads.

Before you share your next post on Facebook, target it. In Facebook’s Business Manager, click on the target in your status bar update. Use this feature to reach people who are more likely to engage with this particular post. Select specific interests, ages, genders and locations that align with your post. This boosts the chances the right audience will see this post in their newsfeed.

Even when you target your organic posts, each new update will still be published publicly on your page.

Exude openness and positivity

When your followers like, comment and share your posts, they increase your posts’ organic reach.

So, create a space where your followers want to be. If you see someone who always shares your posts, thank them, and send them an unexpected freebie. When followers comment, show them you listened and appreciated their comments by answering with a one-of-a-kind response.

Be positive. Boost your followers. In turn, they’ll boost your organic reach on Facebook.