Most of us will agree — if we sit and think about it — that there’s a substantial difference between being a leader and being a manager. Some may even argue that while a person can be taught to be a manager, that same person cannot be taught to be a leader. You either have it, or you don’t.

A recent article in Inc. discusses the difference between leadership and management, concluding that "combining visionary leadership and great management achieves winning results." A good manager knows how to run a system set in place with as few flaws and mishaps as possible. A good manager also understands the organization in front of him and hot to get the best out of the individuals working for or alongside him.

True leaders, however, are about the overall vision of not only the company but the future of the business. Focusing on "the now" is only part of a good success story for a leader. According to Business News Daily, while you’ll hear many definitions of the term "leader," a good one will "know how to achieve goals and inspire people along the way."

That’s fact. And a good leader is all about facts — or, in this case, FACTS. Follow along:


Drive is everything. Goals are everything. Accomplishing those in a timely manner equates to focus. The faster a quality job is done, the better. And if a team is run like a well-oiled machine, imagine the possibilities.


How can you ask someone to do something if you can’t do it yourself? A good leader will hold himself accountable in this particular situation. He will show himself to be the expert, then educate to where the apprentice can become the master.


How often do we hear the saying "communication is key," no matter the business? We hear it so much because it’s true. Leaders must be that voice to their co-workers. There’s nothing more to be said; there’s no such thing as a quiet leader.


Teach a man to fish, right? Why give someone everything when they can learn it and do it on their own? A respected leader is going to turn his employee into a first-class expert. After all, proper tutelage is going to equate into advanced productivity … and that’s always a great thing.


Here’s a word we don’t hear as much. Merriam-Webster dictionary defines synergy as "combined action or operation." Leaders not only know how to turn a group of individuals into a team, but they also know how to keep that team solid and build it into something greater than before.

Powerful leaders are needed, and these "FACTS" can put you one step closer to being that individual — if you’re not already there. Embrace these qualities with tons of passion, a sense of humility and a champion’s mentality. Be great, and turn your employees into a great unit.