Once you've created your social media marketing plan, there's another way you can boost your customer retention. Upgrade your customer service with a few, simple social tricks.

eConsultancy discovered that 83 percent of consumers require some degree of customer support while making an online purchase. If your customers don't get their questions or concerns addressed quickly, 45 percent of shoppers will abandon their purchase, according to CRM Magazine. However, 71 percent of consumers who experience a quick, effective brand response on social media are likely to recommend your brand to others, NM Incite found.

Better customer service keeps more customers while increasing your brand's word of mouth.

Implement these four tricks on social media to improve your customer service.

1. Respond quickly

When customers tweet you a question, 53 percent expect a response within one hour. If it's a complaint, that number rises to 72 percent, found a Lithium Technologies study.

To keep your customers happy, aim to respond within 60 minutes for the next month. Then, evaluate how often you hit that goal while also analyzing your effectiveness. If your brand is struggling to hit the one hour mark, don't worry. The leading retail brands respond on social in an average of 157 minutes, according to Brandwatch research.

Try your best to respond as efficiently as you can as quickly as you can. Determine what that time frame is, and make it the new norm.

2. Mirror customers' language

When responding to customers on social, your goal is to connect by humanizing your brand.

One of the best aspects of social media marketing is your brand gets to sound like any other individual. With the right brand tone, customers want to follow, connect and even develop a social friendship with your company — the same way they would with another individual.

When responding to social media feedback, mirror your customers' language, tone and sentence structure. Mirroring increases customers good will toward you, which in turn builds good rapport and trust.

This is an easy, instant way to put customers at ease and make them more likely to empathize with you.

3. Embrace the good and bad

Your brand's goal should be to respond to 100 percent of all brand mentions. All responses should be friendly, thoughtful and true to your brand's voice.

With good responses, it's easy. Thank and compliment your customers. Take this time to also connect with your customer. Follow them, like two posts and comment on one. Then, prompt them to review your product online. Say, "Thanks again, @customer! I'm all ears if you have any other feedback. Or, share your experience with others." Then, link to an online review page.

With negative feedback, never respond aggressively or delete the comment. If you're the owner of the business, wait at least 15 minutes before responding.

Then, publicly acknowledge the problem, apologize and vow to resolve the issue in a direct message. There, listen to them and do everything within your power to solve their problem and make them happy. Finally, illustrate how you're going to avoid this type of situation in the future.

4. Follow up with customers

One week later, follow up with customers who sent you social feedback to see how they're doing. Is the product working out? Is there anything else you can do to help them? Are they happy with your new product?

Taking this extra step often wows customers. You cared enough to remember and follow up! Talk about an amazing customer service experience they'll want to share with their friends and family.