Treehouses have long been a source of youthful fantasy, promising a leafy escape from earthly demands. Today, RV camping enthusiasts can relive such reverie with a treetop stay in a brilliantly repurposed Airstream trailer.

That's the rare opportunity awaiting travelers who tie up at The Mohicans, a unique collection of treehouses and cabins nestled in the quiet woods of Ohio’s Amish country 70 miles northeast of Columbus.

Owners Kevin and Laura Mooney conceived this novel resort concept in 2011 following Kevin’s retirement from a career in banking.

What began with the construction of a few cabins on the couple’s woodsy 75-acre property in concert with local Amish craftsmen took on a new dimension after viewing the Discovery Channel’s “Treehouse Masters” show with Pete Nelson.

Image credit: The Mohicans

The first and second of the resort’s 10 treehouses, Little Red and White Oak, were built by Nelson, with Little Red being featured on the show. Drawing on the media attention and some famous guests, including Matthew McConaughey and family, the Mooneys decided to add more treehouses.

To be clear, these are not the treehouses of a youngster’s imagination — or those of most adults for that matter. These arboreal structures sport a rustic appearance but they are masterfully crafted works of art with all the modern bells and whistles, such as passive solar, radiant heat, on-demand hot water and air conditioning.

As staunch believers in respecting and protecting the environment, supporting sustainability values and integrating those values into their business plan, the Mooneys have applied these concepts throughout the resort. They’ve made wide use of repurposed materials such as vintage barn siding, windows and doors, local materials including wood milled on-site, and labor. Most of the Amish craftsmen employed by the resort live within an eight-mile radius of the property.

Unveiled in January 2020, the Silver Bullet Airstream Treehouse in the newest addition to The Mohican collection. A long-time admirer of the classic aerodynamic aluminum trailers, Kevin purchased the 1978 31-foot Airstream online about a year ago and began the extensive project of repurposing it as a state-of-the-art luxury treehouse. Mounted 25 feet above ground on a platform supported by oak and pine trees, the Silver Bullet nicely reflects the Mooney mission of sustainability and style.

Image credit: The Mohicans

The iconic trailer features reclaimed and recycled hardwood barn siding walls, floors and cabinets plus indoor and outdoor showers, a skylight and a sauna. It is an altogether elegant blending of natural materials and aluminum.

The Silver Bullet Airstream Treehouse sleeps up to four (two comfortably) and is available for rent at $220 per night., 740-599-9030