What could be more romantic than a perfect setting for the most important event in your life? The idea definitely has merits because we can see the rising demand of destination weddings every day.

An exotic location, breathtaking views and perfect camera angles only enhance the beauty of the day even more. If the budget allows, then having a wedding on location is no longer a luxury limited for a privileged few. With wedding budgets routinely exceeding $30,000 now, it is no wonder that couples have more than enough funds to plan an unforgettable wedding in every sense of the word.

Even a few years ago, only celebs and members of the elite few could boast of something as extravagant as a destination wedding. Not anymore as destination wedding websites are being bombarded with hits for more information, options, choices and deals.

Let's take a look at some of the top choices for destination weddings in 2014. The top three contenders in the domestic market are:

    1. Hawaii

    It's no surprise that Hawaii has bagged the top spot for the choicest destination weddings. The breathtaking natural beauty of the islands coupled with favorable weather makes it a dream location round the year.

    With readily-attached honeymoon packages, Hawaii has a wide range of options from luxury to decently affordable for all kinds of wedding budgets. In terms of exotic, what it offers are endless vistas of stunning and pristine beaches, flowing waterfalls, dramatic volcanic cliffs and parks, exotic tropical rivers, wild jungles and even rugged untouched deserts.

    Along with the main island, the islands of Kauai, Maui and Oahu offer innumerable options for destination weddings. World-class resorts have come to facilitate these weddings and complement the already-booked beachfront hotels that have been doing brisk business in the recent past.

    The variety of options can now easily meet all kinds of wedding budgets and yet have an exotic aura to the event. Further complemented with great dining, shopping and vacationing deals, Hawaii also makes for an easy and enchanting honeymoon destination.

    2. Florida

    Next of course is Florida, which has been a global vacationer's dream and delight for years now. What makes Florida really stand apart is the sheer range of options it offers prospective brides and grooms in terms of having a delightful but out-of-the-box wedding.

    For couples who want to enjoy the exotic flavor without stepping out of the United States, this is the perfect state to be in. What makes Florida even more popular is that it offers umpteen options — so much so that people can be spoiled for choices. From the beautiful Amelia Island to the breathtaking Florida Keys, couples can choose any number of wonderful locales including a fairy-tale wedding at Disney World.

    Being a vacationer's paradise has its advantages, mainly in offering numerous stay and dining options to match every budget. This means those with moderate wedding expenses in mind can still fly their near and dear ones for an unforgettable destination wedding.

    3. Las Vegas

    The next spot among the top choices has surprised many. But as it turns out, this glitzy town has much to offer beyond the tacky chapel choices and Elvis lookalikes as priests. Of course, that is not going to die out soon, but Las Vegas also offers exciting new options for hip and trendy couples of today.

    As a choice for destination weddings, Las Vegas offers something other than the natural splendor of Hawaii and Florida. It offers the modern couple and their party is the unlimited entertainment of the Strip.

    The Four Seasons Las Vegas and the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino have come up as top choices for destination wedding stays. The resort also has a charming chapel attached to it, with none of usual Las Vegas cheesiness to mar the beauty of the day, and it even offers splendid natural beauty with an island grove and an 11-acre lagoon. Once the wedding is over, newlyweds and their party can lose themselves in the impressive 135,000 square-foot casino.

Other places that are quickly rising are Dunton Hot Springs in Colorado, along with neighboring countries like Mexico, the Cayman Islands and the Caribbean islands.

Planning these destination weddings have become easier with wedding planners who specialize in these events. More resorts are offering all-inclusive packages, which also include the full range of wedding-planning services along with vacationing options for family and friends.

The big business potential is now evident in the various marketing campaigns launched by all who feel they can benefit from it. Trending events like the "6th Annual Wedding Road Show" held in New Jersey recently or the "I DO! in Delray Beach 2014" in Florida show how authorities and the industry have woken up to the potential business opportunities.

These efforts are just the tip of the iceberg as new destinations are added to the wedding planner industry every day.