There is more than one way to serve your country. If you’re a dental professional, you have the opportunity to use your unique skills and training to serve those who served our country.

In honor of the Memorial Day holiday, an organization called Dental Lifeline Network announced on May 14 that it is launching a volunteer recruitment campaign encouraging dentists to provide dental care to veterans, specifically those with special needs. Dental Lifeline Network is a nonprofit, humanitarian organization that provides access to comprehensive dental care for vulnerable people with special needs, the elderly, and those who are medically compromised.

The program is called "Will You See One Vet" and the campaign asks general dentists and specialists to volunteer and donate their services to help veterans through Dental Lifeline Network. From clearing up painful dental infections to being able to eat again — providing comprehensive dental care can make a life-changing difference for veterans.

Sadly, many veterans do not qualify for dental benefits. According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, veterans must meet certain eligibility factors in order to receive even routine dental care, such as a service-related dental disability or condition, or be a former prisoner of war.

The campaign utilizes imagery of veterans sharing their life-changing stories after receiving comprehensive dental care in targeted outreach, media and advertising. This includes a radio public service announcement that will run nationwide in donated time all month long.

"This awareness campaign showcases the life-changing difference our volunteers have made in the lives of veterans," said Fred Leviton, CEO of Dental Lifeline Network, in a recent news release. "We hope sharing this message will inspire even more volunteers to participate in our program, allowing DLN to serve a greater number of veterans in our communities."

Dental Lifeline Network is made up of more than 15,000 volunteer dentists and 3,500 volunteer laboratories.For more information on volunteering, visit To donate, visit