During the winter season, humans are not the only ones affected by the cold weather. The pests outside your facility are also feeling the nip in the air.

Like many others, you may have thought these critters die off when the cold weather comes around. However, pests can survive throughout the season and make their way into your facility. Insects like earwigs, carpenter ants and oriental cockroaches will look for moist, warm areas with a food supply as it gets cold out.

Unfortunately, your facility probably has all of these accommodations, so they will make themselves comfortable within your business.

When insects are trying to move in, you may see them gather on the sunny side of your building, which is bad for your business. Larger infestations will require more time and resources to treat in the future. Certain types of insects have higher reproduction rates, and if given the chance to reproduce, will result in an infestation that necessitates ongoing visits from an exterminator.

To stop the problem before it gets worse, you can follow some of these tips:

Seal entrances

Keeping the pests from getting in is the first step to controlling them. Look around for any holes or cracks that could serve as an entry point into your building for the insects.

You will then want to patch up any entrances that you find. It might mean replacing window screens, caulking the edges and applying weather stripping to doors and windows, and blocking or filling in existing holes or cracks in your ceilings or cabinets.

Watch what you bring in

If there are not any entry points that you are aware of, you may be wondering how they are still getting in. Well, they may not be coming in on their own.

Some insects can be brought in accidentally by way of objects, products or materials. For example, carpenter ants freeze in cold weather and do not thaw out until they get warm. They may be brought in by the wood that they sometimes cling to before they freeze. Earwigs can also be carried in by outdoor plants and soil when being transferred into a facility.

Tidy up

As mentioned previously, insects like places that provide them with sources of food and shelter from the cold. You can make your property less appealing to them by taking away or cleaning the areas where they may find these necessities.

This is especially important for businesses with food service locations. A lot of pests may also reside in drains, porches, damp basements and any other place where organic material may decay. Trash cans can be a popular place for insects, so leaving trash cans outside can be very beneficial.

Evaluate and organize the storage areas that may look extra cozy to pests during the colder seasons, so that you are not inviting them into your business.

By following these steps, you can save yourself the extra expense of treating a large infestation in the future. The prevention of an infestation will also keep your facility running smoothly, so you are able to focus on your customers.