Next to water, tea is the most popular drink in the world, but in some countries coffee is just as popular (or even more so). There are instances where a person will drink both, but most will prefer one over the other.

Is green tea "better" than coffee, or is coffee the king? Let's compare the two.

Aside from the taste preferences, many of the reasons people have for drinking coffee or green tea are the same:

  • They are enjoyed after a meal
  • They are enjoyed socially with friends
  • They can be calming or soothing
  • They have great health benefits

Health benefits

Both coffee and green tea have many health benefits. Research is still ongoing for each beverage, but studies indicate drinking either coffee or green tea could yield these impressive results:

It is interesting to note that both drinks have a few of the same health benefits.

Health risks

While there are many wonderful benefits of both coffee and green tea, each has its own set of dangers if consumed in excess:

Moderation is key with both coffee and green tea. While both have great health benefits, too much of either can be harmful to your health, as described above. Not everyone will experience these symptoms, of course, but it's important to know what the possible causes are in case you do.

If you have any of these health issues listed above, it is advised that you talk to a physician and inform your doctor if you have been drinking coffee or green tea and how much. That may be the culprit.

Which is better?

While both coffee and green tea have amazing health benefits, it all comes down to your individual preferences and tastes. Other factors include how your body responds to either drink and if you feel any negative side effects.

Whichever drink you decide is a great choice, but remember: Moderation is key!