Squirrel! Better chase it! There are many distractions and options when thinking about church communications. Focus is the key, and that “COMM”centration is required for a church to become noticed.

Each person in your community and congregation has a lot of competition for thoughts and actions, too. The shotgun approach rarely works. If you’re not concentrating on the right things by limiting what people know about you, you will be ignored. Be known for some… thing!

Here are the six things your church needs to COMMcentrate on:

1. Audience.

Concentrate on who you’re talking to (we were all taught that, right?!). Effective communication rises and falls on how well you know your audience. The more pinpointed the audience, the easier it is to get and keep their attention.

COMMcentrate on primary and secondary groups. We call that stereotypical group a communication persona. Know them so much that you love them. Talking to everyone? Few will listen. This sums up most church’s issue.

2. Needs.

List all the needs of your personas but COMMcentrate on the major ones keeping your persona awake at night. That limited group of needs are what you must focus on when creating your list of ministries. Looking at most church websites, they offer the same things (what they’ve always offered?!). Ministries that don’t solve needs will struggle for attendance.

3. Goals.

Your personas will have many goals, too. This area in your persona’s life needs your attention as well. Focus on where they want to go, what they want to obtain, and who they want to be. COMMcentrate on taking them there; with your support, ministry, guidance, and love.

4. Thread.

Your church can be known for so many things. Limit words, concepts, and solutions so you’re known for what you’re COMMcentrating on. This becomes a tagline, a brand story, a positioning of who you are; how you’re unique in the sea of options. Your concentration will make your church valued (and not easily replaced).

5. Keywords.

Once your audience is clear, understanding their needs and goals, and controlling a simple, easy-to-remember thread; you’ll need to limit specific words. There are so many words that say the same things!

COMMcentrate on a few words that are being searched by your personas. You’ll be found as a solution, and Google will be your friend and evangelist. Imagine!

6. Strategy.

After your brand components; you need a communication strategy that you COMMcentrate on. Write the process down, get people to understand it and help you, and do it consistently.

After you COMMcentrate on it for a few months, assess the outcomes and alter it slightly. It’s through that COMMcentration, that you’ll be able to watch your success!