First impressions are everything when in the job application process. Everything you do and say is judged. The goal is to win over a company by showing your persona as someone who can represent the company's brand.

Imagine doing all of this in a 10-second window.

Snapchat is now making the application process a little more social media-driven with the help of "snaplications," video-based applications that allow job seekers to submit a 10-second video. McDonald's has partnered with Snapchat over the summer in an effort to hire new employees using the new idea.

How does it work? According to an article in The Memphis Times, those looking for a job submit the video via Snapchat. Those videos are nothing more than answers to simple toss-up questions that allow the employer to see an individual's personality and judge his or her character. After submitting the snaplication, job seekers are then directed to a more traditional online application process.

In today's society, the idea can be seen as genius. It's perfect for millennials who use their smartphone apps for practically everything. It's also easy enough for employers to make good on a first impression.

According to a recent Business Insider article, first impressions are usually decided in seven seconds. Snapchat gives you three additional seconds to play with. If the idea becomes a mainstay, make those three seconds count.

The idea originated in Australia, but can a tool like this work in the U.S. corporate world? It definitely wouldn't hurt, pending what the 10-second video would entail. Companies can use snaplications for simple personal introductions, solving specific in-office scenario solutions or opportunities for candidates to answer why they want to work for the respective company.

Snaplications can be used similarly to how LinkedIn and Indeed use their one-click, easy-application processes. An application button can be embedded on a company website, allowing potential employees the chance to submit resumes with little effort.

If snaplications become the norm, especially in the corporate world, understand that while the interview process can shift to your advantage, nothing changes regarding appearance and character. You still must represent yourself in the most professional manner possible. Showcase your talent, catering to the position you want. Your best performance is important. Showing your excitement about the job is paramount.

The days where someone turns in a resume and cover letter to land a job may soon be gone. Even online applications are becoming relatively outdated.

Snaplications can be a new wave in employment. In 10 seconds, job seekers can tell their stories — and possibly make or break the opportunity to show themselves worthy of hiring.