Who doesn’t love an awkward school photo from days gone by?

Correct. You love ‘em. I love ‘em.

Everyone loves to laugh at the mullets, the big hair, the shimmery blue eye shadow. The massive shirt collar. The fake grimace smile that looks like someone pinched the subject just before snapping the photo.

Say cheese! Lol.

The American Dental Association is capitalizing on these unfortunate (but hilarious) moments in time for its Find-a-Dentist campaign. And it is brilliant!

"You can't change your old photos, but you can make sure your smile is ready for new ones," reads a Facebook post, which then directs potential patients to the ADA Find-a-Dentist website.

Now that’s funny; I don’t care who you are.

In an effort to help potential patients find ADA member dentists in their area, the ADA is ramping up its online advertisement campaign for Find-a-Dentist, especially during the high-usage months of July through September.

It’s perfect timing as dental check-ups tend to be top of mind for parents in the summer months, when it’s more convenient for them to take care of their children’s dental needs since school is not in session for most.

This campaign specifically directs people to look for an ADA dentist and is part of a planned $18 million, three-year initiative to drive utilization of dental services for ADA members.

Hey dentists! You can update your Find-a-Dentist profile by logging in to your MyADA page, ADA.org/UpdateNow, using your member ID number and password.

If you need more information or assistance, contact the ADA Member Service Center. For more information on Find-a-Dentist and for resources to help market your practice, visit ADA.org/findadentist.

"More patients are searching for ADA dentists than ever through this campaign, and one of its greatest strengths is our member's participation in it," said Dr. Robin Reich, chair of the ADA Council on Communications. "Consumers are rating the site favorably, and I believe this is in large part to our members with updated profiles giving them a strong first impression. If you haven't updated your profile, please do so today."