If your business is like most, your organic reach on Facebook just continues to drop. On Instagram, your engagement may not be what it used to be either because posts are no longer displayed in chronological order.

Lately, it can feel like your company just can't catch a break on social media. That's especially true if you keep doing what you've been doing in the past. In fact, if your content strategy is the same as it was three years ago, it's now 50 percent less effective, according to 2018 BuzzSumo data.

Luckily, on social, there's always a new trend you can seize to spice up your social strategy (and boost engagement). If you want to focus on Facebook, try making some live videos. They generate six times as many interactions as regular videos and are favored by the new Facebook algorithm.

If your brand is more focused on Instagram, Stories are the best way to organically reach your followers. As a bonus, the more you engage your users on Stories, the higher your regular Instagram posts will rank in their feed.

Without further ado, here are five tips and tricks to create more compelling content on Instagram Stories.

1. Add links

If you have a verified account or business profile with 10,000 or more followers, you can officially add links to your Instagram Stories. To put that another way, you can say farewell to the days of #linkinprofile.

To add a link to your story, simply tap the link icon at the top of the Story screen and pop in your URL.

If you're unable to add links in your Stories, don't spend as much time driving people to your website. Keep it on Instagram for now. Occasionally, you can ask people to click the link in your profile, but that gets old quickly!

2. Say it in every color of the rainbow

Type out your message, and then make it pop. Select all your text. Then, tap and hold one color with your right finger, and a color bar will appear.

Once you see your selected text change color, use your left finger to deselect one letter or word from your message. Keep that other finger holding the first color, and slide that it over to the next color. Repeat the process until each word or letter is a different color.

It's easier to do once you've seen the process in action here.

3. Go hands free

Get a phone grip or loop for your phone. It will make it much, much easier to hold while you're doing video. Or if you want to take it to the next level, get a phone tripod.

Both will make your video more steady and watchable. Plus, it'll be easier for you to create better video (and for under $10).

4. Build anticipation

Keep people clicking through your Stories by only giving away little bit at a time.

Start a text image. Write a little bit. Save that Story. Start a new Story, and this time, select the one you just made. Now, add your next line off text. Save, upload and repeat until all your text is on one Story.

Once all your content has been created, share them in order, starting with the teaser at the beginning to the full Story at the end. Then, users will have to click through to slowly unveil your message, which will build their interest (and boost your engagement).

5. More polls, please

As you're adding stickers, be sure to engage your audience by adding a poll sticker. You can add a specific question and customize the users' two voting choices. It's a quick, low-stakes way to engage your audience.

You'll be surprised how much your audience will love this (and how easy they are to make).