Even those of us who do not like our jobs can care about them too much. In fact, sometimes we are the worst offenders. Here are five signs you are spending too much energy on work and some simple ways to address them.

1. You wake up thinking about work

Whether that is first thing in the morning or screaming at 2 a.m., having work on the brain relentlessly — even if it is enthusiasm for a new project can be stressful.

Take a break creativity comes when we give ourselves space and perspective from work. This works whether the stress is because work is invigorating or draining. Take a walk, color, call a friend, daydream or read a trashy magazine. Just do something completely different and give your brain much needed space from your current challenges.

2. You divide your time between work and family and nothing else

When work is great, it is easy to get caught up in the fun, challenges and excitement that awaits. Even more common, when work is the last thing we want to do, it can drain all of our energy and leave us barely enough for our families.

Hobbies, personal time, doing something we love to do that nourishes us helps us feel more fulfilled and balanced. Find time to volunteer during work, play games during a lunch break or take classes or seminars to learn something new.

3. Thoughts of work interrupt and/or take precedent over everything

This is a problem for people who love their work, like entrepreneurs and small business owners, as well as those who cannot stand their jobs. Answering the phone or sending emails during movies, parties, dinners or while driving are all simple tells that work is playing too big a role.

Unfortunately, this has become so common in our culture that we often just take it for granted. Make a rule and put work aside for a specified amount of time every day. Period.

4. Instead of losing those last 5 pounds, you gained 5 more

Multiple coffees, birthday cake, bagels, donuts and business lunches are all easy ways to pack on the pounds. Not to mention sitting on our butts all day, not getting enough sleep and feeling stressed it is clear why so many of us are overweight. But it can be overwhelming to try to tackle all those pounds at once.

Instead of concocting some grand plan, just do something small every day. Take the stairs, walk at lunch, skip the mid-day cookies in the break room.

5. You have no time to yourself

The last time you read something for pleasure was the old People magazine in your dentist's waiting room. Even if we do all of the above activities, if we do not take 10 minutes to ourselves every day we can still feel harried.

Meditation — even for 10 minutes can help reduce stress and increase perspective. Having time to ourselves is critical to refresh our reserves and build up our energy without it how can we be expected to be good family members, friends or employees?

Be responsible and take a few minutes to take care of yourself.