As a retailer, you want to keep your sales environment as fresh and as customer-friendly as possible — and the most surprising details can have a big positive impact in helping you do it.

Want to give your sales a fast and easy boost? Science has you covered. Try the following research-proven tips to positively influence your customer base and move that merchandise like never before:

Look at your furniture layout.

A study from Ohio State University found that when it comes to items in a retail space, such as tables, chairs and light fixtures, angular shapes suggest competence in a business and its products when consumers are in that space and it's crowded with other customers.

Round shapes suggest emotional warmth in that business and in its products, on the other hand. Consider swapping out your furniture for a new shape, depending on the consumer impression you want to create.

Refine your scent.

The American Marketing Association reports that piping a warm ambient fragrance like cinnamon into a retail space that sells high-end goods will make consumers feel "crowded" by other customers. To distinguish their individuality and feel more powerful, they'll be more likely to buy those prestige items.

Obviously, you want to use this strategy for good — be ethical and use it in situations where you know a repeat customer buys your goods because he/she truly wants that prestige in the first place.

Balance your background music.

A study from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the University of British Columbia and the University of Virginia found that moderate background noise enhances consumer "creativity" — meaning they will see the range of benefits of buying a new, innovative product, for example. A medium level of music volume will help reduce distraction for your customers so they can think about their purchase choice this way.

Avoid freebies.

Research published in the University of Chicago Press Journals found that tossing in extra items for the same price makes consumers think your product can't sell as a stand-alone. This "freebie devaluation effect" is almost always seen as a gimmick — avoid BOGO deals and refocus your selling strategy on product quality for better results.

Say "goodbye."

When a customer leaves your store after making a purchase, have your sales staff utter that simple magic word — it can be good for repeat business. Researchers from the University of Miami and Virginia Tech report that using a homophone can be a powerful selling tool.

Simply put, when your customer hears "goodbye," their mind correlates that phrase to mean "good buy" — as in, they just made the right purchase. It's a positive way to influence sales, and if your product truly is a good buy, then you're doing great business!