In the ever-so-rapidly-expanding 21st century, technology is evolving our ability to access information and interact with one another. Devices are getting smaller, computer processors are becoming faster and more energy efficient, drones are flying in the air snapping aerial shots here and there, you name it!

Day by day, the evolution of technology is positively impacting our ability to be productive in the workforce. In order to follow the next yuppie business generation and tech-savvy crowd, it's important to stay on top of the latest trends to be on your "A" business game.

While these gizmos, gadgets and tech concepts are not necessarily new, these are the biggest tech-related topics that will expand dramatically in the year of 2016:

1. Wearables

Let's be honest, once Apple presents a new, shiny plastic toy, the world goes wild and every company tries to match them. While other companies have been playing around with smartwatches for years, they didn't get attention until the Apple Watch was put on display.

Smartwatches are a new way to connect and communicate with mobile devices and online data to provide you with information. Does this mean that the Apple Watch is better than the others? No. It's simply another brand putting out their product to the consumer and contributing to the new smartwatch market.

As of now, the watches out there are impressive, but there is room to improve. The Samsung Gear S is one of the few that can literally act as a cellphone on your wrist (making calls, receiving calls, sending full texts), which pushes the possible continuation for other competing companies to perfect the feature.

The possibility of a high demand of calling features to all smartwatches could soon result in extending cloud-based calling to watches for your company's employees. Talk about carrying all aspects of work around with you.

2. Stylus pens

Remember when having a stylus pen was nerdy? Well, it's making a comeback.

With tablets and phones in all different shapes and sizes, sometimes it's awkward to type on them. For those who don't want to grease up their phone after munching down on that double cheeseburger or need to impress their clients by scribbling unimportant ramble on their tablet in a "cool way," the stylus serves as another solution.

Primarily thanks to the Samsung Galaxy Note phones, the stylus is back and has impressive features. As of now the stylus is still limited though, so more creativity will likely be added next year, especially with the push for the half-tablet, half-laptop craze going on right now. A cool stylus with a cool portable tablet/laptop could become the new tech OTP.

3. Wi-Fi availability

We've seen this especially in cafes, libraries, schools and restaurants. If you're a business and you want customers, you need to offer free Wi-Fi (or to offer the Wi-Fi password in exchange of a coffee or what have you).

Last year, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio ordered Wi-Fi stations in place of pay phones. With the everyday push for cloud computing and Internet access, many more Wi-Fi stations will soon be available.

More Wi-Fi equals a better-operating business (especially for those who travel or have freelance jobs), which equals better and more efficient businesses. It's as simple as that.

4. Bluetooth everything

Connecting an expanding range of devices and services, fewer cords equals less confusion. Once again, we tribute Apple for being one of the main forces behind the sleek and sexy cordless movement. The iMac with its Bluetooth keyboard and Bluetooth touch mouse has offered a futuristic look that has bedazzled many.

As we travel into the next year, more utilities will become wireless, besides the typical headphones, phones and speakers we have already seen so far.

This may be a stretch, but the Bluetooth movement has influenced the cloud movement to a certain degree. Fewer wires to a chunky storage box from the 1980s is also a sexy, simple and desirable feature, much like a Bluetooth device. The idea to keep everything simple (at least from the outer appearance) is ideal these days.

5. Enterprise mobility management (EMM)

Continuing off the Bluetooth conversation, the hot, trendy topic this year is EMM. What is it, you ask? Good Technology describes it as "productivity on the go, with email, documents, customer relationship management records or business intelligence apps available on mobile devices."

The push for cloud storage is already here and will continue to expand. Cloud-based sales applications will integrate with cloud-based calendars, cloud-based email, you name it.

If you haven't already been acclimated to these hot tech topics, I recommend reading up on them, because the only direction businesses are moving is forward. Most of the trends thus far have been to keep things simple, portable and more accessible.

I encourage you to read up on tech reviews and the impact of technology on business from reliable sources, then try things out with your own company. Push the boundaries on your companies and raise the bar higher to give you that edge over your competitors and to ease your company's infrastructure.