As a marketer, you know that when a brand starts slipping out of favor with the public, you need to act fast to stop the bleeding. The problem with this strategy is that it can make you seem desperate.

For example, you may start making choices that seem like obvious ploys for consumer attention. Your demographic smells that a mile away.

Focused, intelligent shifts in strategy that respect your audience's core emotional needs are more effective ways to recapture their attention and attract new consumers. Try these five science-based strategies to boost your brand's desirability quickly and effectively:

Don't be too polite.

A study from the University of Oregon found that companies who used overly formal or cloying language in their advertising tag line were trusted less.

You never want to be brusque or rude in your advertising strategy, but you don't want to come across as or looking like you are trying to pull something over on your demo through contrived kindness either. Focus your tag line on a concrete product benefit first and foremost.

Cut the fast disclaimers in TV, radio and online ads.

Not only do they look comically old school at this point, but researchers from Northwestern University reported that consumers believe a brand is trying to hide detrimental info if it zips past them too quickly.

Be upfront and clear about your disclaimer info at all times — if your products are as good or better as they always were, this will be viewed as a strength by your audience.

Try "smellizing."

Research from Temple University shows that imagining how good a product smells boosts a consumer's desire to buy it. In your advertising copy, describe the scent of your detergent or cleaning product in delicious detail.

For food products, talk about how wonderful your product smells coming out of the oven. Remember "scratch and sniff" ads? They could actually tap into the positive retro nature of an older brand but be completely novel to younger consumers.

Focus on confidence, not youth.

If your brand's tried and true demographic is older, don't point it out. Show your consumers how your products can make them the best version of themselves at every age.

This way, your product will reach the broadest audience possible and will never seemed dated in terms of its usefulness or its public perception.

Get real about feedback.

Break down the info you get from consumers about why your brand isn't as fresh as it used to be in a completely unvarnished way. Don't let nostalgia cloud your need to update sufficiently.

Of course, you never want to lose the core values of what makes your company great, but opening up your mind to new ways your audience would like you to show your products' value is key to your continued success.