Today, it seems that there is a push to move to other products for food service packaging besides plastic.

While there is understandably an abundance of plastic being mishandled from the waste standpoint, the reality is that there is no better product to use for packaging of food products, both from a retail and restaurant sales standpoint.

Consider these five benefits to choosing plastic.

Plastic can be molded to fit nearly anything

With food, the shapes are nearly endless. That’s why plastic is such a viable packaging material.

Glass can only be shaped so many different ways. Paper isn’t always a good choice either, but plastic can be molded, folded or shaped to work with nearly any product.

Plastic is very easy to work with, and that leads to improved affordability for everyone involved in the transaction as well.

Transportation and storage is a breeze

When you compare the costs and effort involved with transporting and storing plastic packaging materials with any other material, it doesn’t even come close.

Plastic is easy to get from one location to another, it is easy to stack, takes up little room and is generally difficult to break.

Recycling is easier

One of the biggest worries about the use of plastic packaging is the disposal of the products. Many articles talking out against plastic packaging quote how much plastic ends up in our landfills and oceans.

However, the reality is that it takes less energy to recycle plastic than it does to recycle paper or glass. The problem lies with our lack of attention to recycling initiatives, not with plastic itself.

Utilized in different settings

While there are many different types of plastic packaging, many of the most common types can be frozen, refrigerated, microwaved and kept at extreme temperatures.

With this ability to use plastic in different settings, it makes it much easier for the consumer to utilize the end product. Not only can the consumer store the product in the retail packaging but they can heat it and consume from the packaging too.

In this way, the consumer may actually cut back on using other products, too.

Easy to keep clean

Plastic does not naturally carry many germs compared to some surfaces. When dealing with food and food service, this is a big deal.

Keeping clean and sanitary is vital, so plastic makes sense. Disposable (recyclable) products make customers feel good about sanitation, too.

When you have all the facts about plastic packaging available to you, it actually makes a lot of sense why it is such a popular option for food service.

Although times are changing, one can only hope that the changes are for the positive and that we simply use plastic in more responsible, sustainable ways -- rather than ending the smart use of this useful and efficient product that brings so much good to the food service and retail industries.