Every social media network has its own quirks and best-practice rules. Yet keeping all those tips and tricks top of mind can prove to be tough — especially if you're juggling other aspects of business.

Luckily, there's a way to simplify your social media presence. By embodying these four universal rules of social media, you can skillfully and swiftly move from one network to the next.

1. Unify profiles

When was the last time you analyzed your brand's bio and page? Most of us are so caught up in the everyday posting that we forget to look at the big picture our social profiles.

Grab a spreadsheet, compile all of your business' social profiles and get ready to do a quick check-in. Schedule another quarterly check-in three months from now, too.

Your social profiles should be cohesive and convey the same brand message. Plus, listing the same hours, locations and brand descriptions on your profiles helps with SEO. Google trusts consistent information more, which in turn boosts your search and map results.

Specifically, check:

  • website listed
  • bio description, which should be exactly the same.
  • hours
  • location
  • profile picture

2. Define brand presence with 3 simple words

The easiest way to ensure your social presence is consistent is to stick to your brand words. What three words define your brand?

By revisiting, redefining and reiterating these branding words with you and your staff, you unite your team and make your mission clear. Repeat the mantra that before anyone posts to social they need to double-check that the language, message and format best echoes your three brand words.

3. Follow the golden ratio of content

Social is not about selling. It's about forming long-term relationships with consumers and gaining their trust. Then, when they're ready to buy, chances are they'll naturally choose you.

Your social content and posts needs to reflect this long-term goal. That's where the golden ratio of social content comes in.

  • 30 percent of your content should be from your brand. Here's where you craft your narrative by telling your story exactly as you please.
  • 60 percent should be curated. Support your social community and social influencers by sharing their content.
  • 10 percent should be promotional. Posts directly promoting your products need to be minimal. Be thoughtful about how and when you want to cash in on these. And, focus on the story, not selling.

With this ratio in mind, plan a social editorial calendar. Then, schedule your posts ahead of time using an app like Hootsuite. If you're posting daily on the fly, it's hard to remember and enact this ratio. That's why planning ahead is your best bet.

4. Lead with images

Show it, don't say it.

Tell your story and share your message using pictures and videos. People crave, prefer and understand visual content better. Visual content also performs significantly better across every social platform out there.

It's as simple as that.