Leadership is not a one-way street. Leader should not hide out in their offices and expect an organization to run itself. Leadership is about constant difficulties, growing pains, helping others and being results-driven.

Through all of this, it's important that a leader maintains transparency. Being transparent does not mean sticking your head in the sand. It means you must lead openly, so others will follow and want to be led by you. Here are four tips for better transparency.


Being open to discussing issues is paramount in having a smooth-running organization. A leader must be able to both give and take criticism. This will help keep the lines of open the lines of communication.

Additionally, being a good listener is the best tool a leader has in his communication toolbox.

Relationship building

People are what is most important in an organization. Without good employees, an organization might as well close up shop.

Leaders can build good rapport within the organization by giving someone a chance to grow. Another way to build relationships is to groom future leaders for the next level. Leaders need to think about their legacy — not when they are leaving, but at the beginning of the tenure.


Respect is the building block of transparency. Too many times leaders expect others to follow blindly, without regarding the consequences. These missteps will lead to mistrust.

Hiding and not being honest and upfront builds mistrust. Once a leader loses respect, she may never be able to get it back no matter how hard she tries to win over others.


Leaders should be candid about every aspect of the organization, as well as what the job entails. Leaders need to ask good questions and value others' feedback.

Be humble, do what you say, and say what you do. Always demonstrate integrity within all levels of the organization. Take the time to be there for others. These are the best ways to build the trust necessary when times become tough throughout the organization.

Finally, take the time to think about goals — goals not only for yourself but also for the people within the organization. Make them achievable to produce realistic results.