According to Cornell University professor Samuel Bacharach, "Good leaders create an atmosphere of security, trust and expertise to facilitate the creative process and ensure it doesn't go off course."

Leadership is a great responsibility, and one that should not be taken lightly. However, there are people within organizations who are leaders in title only. Here are four ways an organization can combat this type of "leadership."

1. Culture

The organization's culture is where it all begins. Not all leaders will reflect a positive leadership mindset. The top echelon has the responsibility to help instill a culture that is positive and values the people who work for them.

Oftentimes, a laissez-faire style of leadership will impede opportunities of their employees. This is where the top echelon should take the initiative to set up a culture that helps all to be able to shine and to reach their full potential.

2. Growth

Fostering the growth of empoyees is the best advantage to help make them stay in the organization. The laissez-faire leader will stand in the way of an individual's achievements. This type of leader is afraid that someone else will outshine him/her.

Other leaders should take this as a warning and look for those employees who want to do more. Develop and mentor all who need that help to make it all worth it. The time that is spent in developing effective leaders not only grows people but also the organization.

3. Dependency

Laissez-faire leaders consider themselves to be self-sufficient. They do not depend on anyone, which shows a lack of respect for the entire organization. If you have enough of these types of leaders, it can turn an organization upside down.

Other leaders need to stand up and show that this will not be tolerated. This is where the director of the entire organization can have a true impact. The culture of the organization starts with him/her. By laying the groundwork for the respect and value of all employees, a true leader can help stymie this negative trend.

4. Determination

Determination is the grit in leadership. True leadership is taking the necessary risks in order to achieve true success. The laissez-faire style of leadership is an empty promise upon which no organization can build.

True determination will instill in an organization the way forward and provide the right leadership necessary for it to stand up to the laissez-faire leaders that will come along.