Prayer allows us to open our minds to God’s plan since He uses prayer to align us with His will. How do we know His will? It’s fairly easy to know: nothing will happen in 2019 that’s out of it since nothing surprises Him or is out of His control. That should bring peace and hope to your perspective of 2019.

Your community (the area that’s within your church’s influence) needs that reassurance, hope, and peace. They need Jesus. Let’s pray that God truly uses us to communicate to a world that doesn’t seem to be reaching out to Houses of Worship, the Bible, or the Truth.

In church communication we are uniquely positioned to control a message that will attract the community to things of God and ultimately lead them on the path towards Christ. What a privilege!

Here are three ways we need to specifically pray for our 2019 communications:

1. That we’re prepared to meet the community needs.

Because we know that the community isn’t reaching out to us, we have to be acutely aware of who they are and where they are. In that awareness, we must realize that our ministries, events, and programs can’t be all about us.

Let’s pray that we discover felt-needs in those around us so that we can practically interject into their worlds. Yes, Jesus is the answer for the world’s needs, but as His hands and feet, let’s discover ways to link to Him: through solutions, benefits, and paths to goals.

How does that involve church communications? Let’s pray that everything that we communicate will feel like an obtainable and attraction connection to our audiences. We simply need to get their attention.

2. That our teams, channels, and members will be ready to evangelize.

This isn’t all about our church communication or church leadership either. Instead, let’s pray that God uses us to prepare our congregations for their role. It’s one thing for a church to identify needs and to communicate solutions, but it’s up all of us to evangelize.

Actually using the materials, channels, websites, social media etc. to touch those around them. That’s why Jesus in His last earthly sermon said that “while we’re going, we would make disciples of all people”. Let’s pray that 2019 is when we all do as He commanded.

3. That our communication thread will reconnect with our community.

Let’s pray that our local churches would discover the God-given benefit that will get the attention of our community. And that we’d have the discipline to weave it, control it, and creatively utilize it throughout all of our activities and communication in 2019.

Why? So that God will allow 2019 to become the year we reconnect to our communities in such a way that we tear down ministry silos and truly find unity in God’s work. Let’s pray that we’d be known for something uniquely beneficial for our communities!

May God truly bless you in 2019, and may He use you, your congregation, and your communication to point the way to those who desperately need His message. Let’s all pray.