I realize that Christmas is still in the rearview mirror. The chaos of special holiday and new year’s services are still fresh on your mind, and now there’s a peace that happens as January unfolds. It’s called the winter months. Or… the lull before the storm. Of Easter.

Easter is typically a highly attended service because it’s an easy time to invite people to a service and it’s also the one week in the year that everyone (sort of) decides to attend “the” Easter Sunday service (since many alternate weeks in attendance rather than attending every week, it boosts attendance on that one week).

Why is this important? Easter’s the one week you can also get your community to attend if they believe they’re welcome (and they’re invited). It’s also a great week for them to see a fuller service with special content. If they don’t like that week, they probably won’t like any week!

Do you want to get ready for Easter? Here are three things to consider (when you have 100 days to go):

1. Consider your audience.

Are you content with just having your attendance boosted from your members? Or would you like to truly invite your community.

As a leadership team, this has to be decided with the ramifications discussed. Then, consider the large group and write a brief description of various unique groups contained within (i.e. working moms, people who just moved to town, frustrated parents, etc.). Choose 1-3 particularly interesting groups from the longer list and decide the persona type(s) who you’ll target this year.

2. Consider what they need.

Once you know your targeted group(s), write a longer paragraph about them and focus on who they are, what they do, what needs/concerns they wake up with most days, and start to understand their goals. Get into their heads — not just those within your church but everyone you’re targeting.

Maybe it’s the perfect time to sit down with a small group and chat with them. Ask them how they’re doing and “tell me about your life.” Then, sit back and listen to the interaction with each other. You’ll start to hear their concerns, needs, and goals.

3. Consider a solution for them.

When you see a need in ministry, you should want to fill it. Why? Because you love your audience. Just like Jesus did. He (and you) know that everything can be tracked to a spiritual need but it’s hard to engage with a group only on the spiritual.

Instead, think about temporal solutions (or paths to goals) so you get their attention. Talk solutions or talk about their problems or goals. They’ll pay attention.

Then how does the powerful Easter narrative play into the storyline of solutions? Can you get their attention and then make the turn to talk about Easter and the Gospel?

This is what we’re called to do: "As you are going, make disciples." Engage with your congregation and/or community this Easter. Talk about the things that are on their minds and lead them to the cross.

Let’s reach the world for Christ this year. Let’s use Easter as our goal. Consider the changes in your community once they learn about the resurrection!