Now that the New Year's bell has stopped ringing, predicted trends for 2015 are stepping forward to steal the spotlight.

While your business is penning this year's goals, be sure you're moving in the right direction. In order to increase sales, customer acquisition and traffic, your business needs to be communicating with shoppers in the way that works best for them.

Read on to learn the three biggest marketing trends to help you better connect with your customers and make 2015 the most successful year yet.

1. What your customers want to read: authentic content

Content is beginning to face the same challenges as advertising. Companies have realized the power of content marketing, and everyone has jumped on the bandwagon.

A new study found that the annual growth of content production is 200 percent. More content is churned out every year, making it harder and harder for your articles to stand out. Readers are becoming so inundated with content that they're blocking it out — just like with advertisements in the past.

Want your content marketing to keep working in 2015? Then, your brand needs to craft an authentic voice that is all your own.

With the sheer amount of content being created, readers are attracted to a voice that sounds like their own, tells stories they relate to, and makes them laugh while they read. From videos to blogs, content will be focused on genuine human connection leading to more interaction down the line.

2. How your customers want to be talked to: Personalized messaging

At this point, your customers expect you to know them. They know you have a huge amount of data about them, far beyond demographics.

In turn, your shoppers want you to use big data to deliver a relevant message at the right time. Auto-blasted messages to thousands get instantly deleted. However, messages that utilize past purchases and communication preferences to craft an individualized email get opened and, even better, read.

3. Where your customers will be: Mobile

Last year, businesses across all industries and regions of the country saw mobile traffic grow. As of January 2014, 34 percent of cellphone-owning Americans went online primarily on their phones, according to the Pew Research Center.

As mobile usage goes up, so do mobile sales. Last Cyber Monday, mobile sales accounted for 22 percent of online sales, which is a staggering 27 percent increase from 2013.

2015 is going to be the year of mobile. Mobile payment even in brick and mortar stores will become the norm.

Here's to 2015. Let's make this the best year to date by listening to customers, delivering what they want in their preferred format, and achieving ambitious business goals.