Of all the people on your payroll or staff, how many are truly STARS?

Your STARS are all the employees you value most highly because they are Self-motivated, Talented, Accountable, Responsible and Stable. If they should leave you, for whatever reason, it would be a real blow to your organization.

You can prevent that nightmare from becoming a reality if you will work to ensure:

1. Management keeps all of its promises and commitments. Performance reviews and raises happen right on time. The needed resources and equipment are always provided.

2. Management delivers positive recognition, praise and rewards to reinforce positive and extraordinary results.

3. Management keeps a keen eye on who is doing what so the STARS are not stuck with all the dirty work just because they are the ones who will get it done on time and under budget without complaint.

4. Management conducts stay interviews with STARS at least every six months to prevent the need for exit interviews.

5. Management clearly maps out the requirements and expectations STARS need to meet in order to be given new opportunities, promotions and raises.

6. Continuing education and training programs are always available for STARS.

7. Great managers and great co-workers encourage and support STARS.

8. Management keeps STARS engaged through cross-training, additional responsibilities and new opportunities.

9. Management respects and supports employees' needs for work/life balance.

10. Management clearly communicates all goals and objectives, not just the how, what, where and when, but all the whys as well.